Five Essential Tech tools every blogger/writer needs in 2017

I am a tech lover, not just because of my background in IT, but I love how technology is evolving each day and how we are able to do so much using it- my current craze is the passenger drone that was recently launched in Dubai, it is simply incredible, hence the need to share with fellow bloggers and writers some of the hacks I use. Hopefully, this post will come in handy ;-) 1. GRAMMARLY This tool is amazing!  I mean it is an essential to all bloggers and writers and it is not limited to only the fore mentioned people but to everyone! I normally cringe when I see small

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Solid Blue Akari Dress 1

solid Blue Akari dress

Hello, It's been a minute! Still trying to master the art of balancing things around me, hopefully, I will be writing on a regular basis ;-) There is something about blue and by blue I mean the solid blue, without any obvious visible patterns or prints. This particular color gives an impression of calmness which is evident when you look at the clear sky and the water bodies from seas to blue pools. Personally, a blue solid dress gives an impression of boldness matched with a bit of

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Friday Random Five

SPIRITUALLY My unrelenting journey in aligning to God’s purpose for my life Lately, I have been musing over the story of Noah,  (Gen Chapter  6-10 ) and I still can't get enough of it, I tell you it has so many layers to it.  Throughout my interaction with the story it is evident that once you set out to do the will of God, Impossibility is what you will do. Have you ever thought how Illogic it was that a pair of animals of every kind came to the ark to be kept alive? (Gen 6:20) I mean

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Popping red dress cherries vineyard 1

Popping Red Dress

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! By: Penina .A. The first time I lay eyes on this popping red dress, I shrugged and swept my eyes elsewhere.  I didn’t get that wow feeling people talk about.  I thought it looked good but there was just something about it, you know what I’m saying? More like judging it before feeling the fabric or even looking at the label/brand and imagining someone if not self in it.  I thought it looked plain and loud. So while browsing through the endless clothes that hang loosely

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Am I nurturing a “Harmless” thing?

Stories have a way of sticking in the mind if not the heart.  That way, lessons learnt are carried with us.  So I’ll tell you a story and hope you grasp one or two things and seal them in your heart. Dawn is a definition of beauty, natural beauty. That’s when day and night meet and their merging emits a priceless splendor.  Kai found this refreshing every morning.  It settled his mind, calmed his soul and energized his body.  He would lie on a rock behind his humble home, his skin downing the

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