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Solid Blue Akari Dress 1

solid Blue Akari dress

Hello, It's been a minute! Still trying to master the art of balancing things around me, hopefully, I will be writing on a regular basis ;-) There is something about blue and by blue I mean the solid blue, without any obvious visible patterns or prints. This particular color gives an impression of calmness which is evident when you look at the clear sky and the water bodies from seas to blue pools. Personally, a blue solid dress gives an impression of boldness matched with a bit of calmness.  Because blue is bold, it can

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Popping red dress cherries vineyard 1

Popping Red Dress

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! By: Penina .A. The first time I lay eyes on this popping red dress, I shrugged and swept my eyes elsewhere.  I didn’t get that wow feeling people talk about.  I thought it looked good but there was just something about it, you know what I’m saying? More like judging it before feeling the fabric or even looking at the label/brand and imagining someone if not self in it.  I thought it looked plain and loud. So while browsing through the endless clothes that hang loosely on the hangers, I bumped into a

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Casual Blue skater dress

Hello! It’s been 3 long months since I posted on the blog  how time flies… I want to appreciate those who communicated to ask about the silence, thank you, ladies and gentlemen.  Well, I was going through a shift and needed to respond to it.  Some settling down and strategizing had to be done. I can’t wait to share with you guys what I have been transacting with and also some exciting news, I will be updating you more on upcoming posts. Location I had a photoshoot last week and planning the logistics wasn’t easy at all!

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Friday Random Five 7 cherries vineyard

Friday Random Five + Ze Queen Giveaway {closed}

Here are the Randoms for Last Week... 1. Spiritually I have a mentor who I meet on a regular basis, but this last meeting was a little different as after our fellowship, I felt quite challenged. It got me thinking, Most of the times I get to feed my Spirit and walk out feeling refreshed but this time,  I got a slap on my face. There are so many resources God has made available to us, from the bible to the Sunday teachings and Bible studies we attend and yet we become too casual with these resources. I realized that

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The jumpsuit 8

The Jumpsuit

Just as one man’s treasure is another's trash, one woman’s fashionable confidence booster is another woman’s auto-mechanic nightmare. Location: Mvuli House-Nairobi West Makeup by  Zequeen Beauty Photography by Zequeen Photography ( Wrest  and James) Jumpsuit : Swagaristic Boutique (Agro house M1 stall number 30 ) The jumpsuit, the former territory of toddlers,  auto mechanics and clowns, is becoming what was once unthinkable—an item women will buy. Once the ultimate useful uniform, the jumpsuit has come a long way in

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