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Friday Random Five 7 cherries vineyard

Friday Random Five + Ze Queen Giveaway {closed}

Here are the Randoms for Last Week... 1. Spiritually I have a mentor who I meet on a regular basis, but this last meeting was a little different as after our fellowship, I felt quite challenged. It got me thinking, Most of the times I get to feed my Spirit and walk out feeling refreshed but this time,  I got a slap on my face. There are so many resources God has made available to us, from the bible to the Sunday teachings and Bible studies we attend and yet we become too casual with these resources. I realized that

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Rays of sunshine 8 cherries vineyard

Rays Of Sunshine

I had no idea when I was going to wear it, I only knew that I had to have it. Once I tried it on, well... The dress claimed me! The surroundings were like a green meadow bathed in the humid light of a sinking sun and flawlessly blended well with the dress, what I was left to do was to simply add a smile and behold; perfect shot :-). This reminded me of the weekend that was.  I was in upcountry for the better part of the weekend and I was left in awe of the creativity that God has bestowed on this earth, He is just too

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princess meets zequeen 0 cherriesvineyard

Princess Meets Ze Queen

I was so excited when Jane the founder of Ze queen Beauty and Photography accepted my proposal to collaborate with her, of course, that was after an hour of serious probing :-). I don't know what she saw, but her confidence in me clearly showed her keen eye for my abilities. This was my first collaboration with a professional brand, one l would love to work with in future given the opportunity. I had arrived late at the makeup studio on the day of the photo-shoot, and my heart couldn't stop beating as she had warned me

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Deep royal 6 cherries vineyard

Deep Royal

In collaboration with Ze queen beauty & photography and Mvuli House-Nairobi West  Ladies, I bet we can all agree to the fact that we all need a dress that is comfortable, elegant, vibrant and has some simplicity characteristics attached to it.  This particular dress was specifically designed for me, ooh and anyone who can fit my size :-) I say this because there was no need of any adjustment, it is the perfect fit, just what I wanted, not too tight and not too lose. I was super excited when my tailor delivered it after two

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Friday Random Five

Last week , I was unable to share my Friday Random Five' apologies, I just realised that Fridays have become a little hectic and before I know it, the weekend is already here! Well, in this case, over :-(.  A little improvement on planning and we will be good to go for the rest of the weekends...:-). 1. So, on Thursday  I met this young intelligent boy on my way home,just after picking my ticket to the BAKE awards, (BTW, anyone coming?apparently the ceremony was postponed to this Saturday. The moral support will be great! 

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