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Am I nurturing a “Harmless” thing?

Stories have a way of sticking in the mind if not the heart.  That way, lessons learnt are carried with us.  So I’ll tell you a story and hope you grasp one or two things and seal them in your heart. Dawn is a definition of beauty, natural beauty. That’s when day and night meet and their merging emits a priceless splendor.  Kai found this refreshing every morning.  It settled his mind, calmed his soul and energized his body.  He would lie on a rock behind his humble home, his skin downing the fresh vitamin D. One morning was

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True Christian Modesty

By Veronica Mwihaki Frankly speaking, I used to wear anything and not feel ashamed at all. I had this “don’t care” attitude without being apologetic to anyone. But things slowly shifted when I surrendered my life to Christ, I became more conscious of what I wear, I came to understand that I am a representative of Christ in the earth and that my actions must be in alignment with the will of God. I haven’t yet attained perfection, but as days go by I am being perfected.  I am more than glad to share what God has been teaching

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The beauty of modesty cherries vineyard 9

The Beauty of Modesty

As I had promised you my lovely readers. Today we have a Guest post by the amazing Nash Amber, whose fashion sense is fluid and her style is versatile. Nash Amber is a UK based modest fashion blogger and vlogger who loves styling hair, clothes, event planning, photography and dance. She is the founder of Set Apart Style; a ministry which looks beyond the surface of dressing modestly for Jesus. It explores how being set apart for God influences our lifestyle choices, including how we dress. Nash Amber works closely with women

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Guest Post By  Katherine Shyru The world views forgiveness as excusing intolerable actions. It insists on ‘justice’. Human fairness sometimes stipulates ‘an eye for an eye’; that life is never fair and it’s full of things that can never be excused.  “If a man takes unto himself God’s right to punish, then he must also take upon himself God’s promise to restore” this simply means that if anyone chooses to go down the road of revenge, then he should be able to finish that which he started, that is restore. That

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Tropical Yellow Pants

Lets not get into the details of me missing for some little time here :-) Today on the guest feature slot is Naomi. During the sunny days at the beach you're tempted to just throw on something light and easy. But i guess you have to ensure you still have a figure under neath :-) 970

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