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Shifting Focus + A simple Dress

It is easier for one to lose their focus spiritually. It all starts by compromising the little things in life, for example; -time that is:  When we spend our time doing other things instead of being about our father's business right :-) "And He said to them, “Why did you seek me? Did you not know that I must be about My Father’s business?” Luke 2:49. Personally, I have been a victim and yesterday I got a striking wake-up call during a phone conversation with my mentor. I had lost focus! Even though he never mentioned anything

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Floral Pleated Dress

Now is the right time to re-energize!!! Even though the week is coming to an end, take advantage of it by planning and focusing on things that will take you a notch higher, things that will move you closer to God not further. Yesterday was one of those days I felt like my life had come to a halt, stagnation seemed to have taken control I wasn't hearing the voice of God :-( My brother was the one who made me come to a realization  by informing me  that when you feel like nothing major is happening in your life, like hearing the

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God is love

His Love

It's unmistakable to notice someone who is in love. It is like flipping on a light switch when you walk in a dark room, the radiance that lights the room will make you see the blooming colors and beautiful structures of that room. Same as love, it radiates the innermost being. Love is such a beautiful thing to experience, even though at some point we might have fallen a victim of heartbreak and felt empty, we can admit that at one point we were walking on the moon and it was the best thing right? Take for

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communication in relationships cherries

Communication In Relationships

My spirit was so low yesterday, I felt introverted to a point I wished there was an Island nearby where I could hide for a few hours. It took me time to realize what the setback was. For a moment, I thought the frustrations came from the deadlines to meet at work, or the house chores that keep me awake till late at night. Later on, I  realized that the dissatisfactions were being caused by little disagreement I had with someone very dear to me. We had disagreed over the phone and we had let the sun go down while we were still

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I Choose to Focus On The Inner Beauty

This is a continuation of my Previous post (What every woman should learn from Queen Esther) One thing I have come to realize is that when you lose connection with God, there's nothing fruitful you will bear, you will not be successful even to the tiniest of things in your life. Where am I headed? Let me just be sincere with you guys. Coming up with an article even a two paragraph one isn't an easy thing at all. There is a lot of research involved, I have to refer to the bible to see how I can relate my

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Lornah Abaki

Hi there! I'm Lornah Abaki. A wife, daughter, asister and a friend who is passionate about all matters Faith, Fashion and Lifestyle. This precious platform is where I share Life experiences and Discoveries the Bible being the core foundation. I hope this platform inspires you to learn more about God, Modest Fashion, and inner beauty as we grow deeper in our relationship with God. Take a journey with us to discover more .. Read more




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