Friday Random Five

Last week , I was unable to share my Friday Random Five’s…my apologies, I just realised that Fridays have become a little hectic and before I know it, the weekend is already here! Well, in this case, over :-(.  A little improvement on planning and we will be good to go for the rest of the weekends…:-).

1. So, on Thursday  I met this young intelligent boy on my way home,just after picking my ticket to the BAKE awards, (BTW, anyone coming?apparently the ceremony was postponed to this Saturday. The moral support will be great!  :-)) we got talking and we were cut off 20 minutes later as we had to alight. The few minutes we talked, he had opened up so much  and from our conversation, I  could tell that there was something different and unique about him. As a courtesy I offered to buy him some apples, all along, he thought I was going to hand him one, but the look on his face once I gave him the whole bunch,had me all emotional, it was sincere and true, unlike the times we pretend to be all surprised with some circumstances. You know how many times you have pretended to be surprised :-), well, it reminded me of Deuteronomy 16:17, to keep on sharing that which God has given to us with others ie. It can be our time ,gifts and resources.

2. Over the weekend, I got out of my comfort zone and decided to try out something new with my hair, I got a different color from the ones I am used to, at first I was hesitant but my hair stylist convinced me to try, I didn’t really like it at first but now, I really don’t mind. What’s your thought?

3. Still on matters to do with beauty, it never occurred to me that lashes can automatically make your eyes pop; that is if they are well fitted and simple! For the first time ever, I had mine done. Anyone ever tried them? They felt awkward the first few minutes, but later got used to them to a point I wanted to head to bed with them on. 😉 I Hope the picture above shows it clearly.

4. Today I woke up feeling quite unwell, I am not sure if it’s the large portions of meat I have been savouring continuously in different hotels. I am not a fan of red meat at all,  but when I discovered Chinese meat stew, things changed. and even  as  I write this I am indulging myself in some delicious Pilau served with meat, clearly I haven’t yet learnt my lesson ;-(

5. This may not be random…Last week after attending several seminars, church included,  what came out striking for me  was the importance of unity, that we should stop the attitude of selfishness and embrace unity. hopefully, I will able to share more on this next time.

Allow me to stop there, hopefully, this week I will have more to write.

Do have a fruitful day. God bless!

Friday random five cherries vineyard

Makeup by  Zequeen Beauty

Location: Mvuli House-Nairobi West

Hair by Jackie  – 0718 063 381

Photography by Zequeen Photography


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