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Friday Random Five

It’s been a minute since I posted my Friday randoms, but what matters is that Friday Random Five is back! 😉 So here are this week’s Randoms…


  1. Last weekend I had some free time to myself and decided to do spring cleaning, after which I had only 2 pairs of flat shoes left in my shoe rack! I have always loved flat shoes as they are comfortable, low risk, and you will all agree with me, they help when you need to walk for that long distance. (don’t get me wrong, I Love me a pair of heels but 80% of the time, I am always in flats shoes)
  1. Now that I only had 2 pairs of flat shoes left, I went on a random window shopping around town and came across these beautiful four Pairs of designer flat shoes at a second-hand stall for only Ksh 2000 equivalent to $20. I have always believed that second-hand shoes are long lasting, unique ooh and fair priced, as compared to those shoes on the street where they shout “kiatu na bei” which are so common and get worn out pretty fast. If you can’t manage to buy the new shoes from high-end stalls, I suggest you try out for second-hand shoes, but not those ones that are spread all over the streets by hawkers, buy them at a second-hand stall, even if they will cost you more, believe me, they will be worth it. You can check one of the shoes I bought Here .
  1. This weekend, I will be traveling to an exciting location for two weeks, although I am still searching for an ideal accommodation place, as I am on a tight budget, I am hoping that I find a great hotel that would fit my needs.
  1. I had a very awkward moment yesterday morning. Just as I alighted from the Matatu to make my way to work, one of my shoe started misbehaving and getting off, apparently one of my shoes was a bit bigger, and it kept getting off every step that I took (has this ever happened to any of you? ) You see,  here is the problem of buying shoes from hawkers? I hope this will convince you to be careful where you buy you shoes 😉
  1. I was in upcountry two weeks ago with my siblings. We had been late booking our bus back to the city and we ended up getting the very last bus that leaves at 9:00pm. So we decided to leave for the bus stop at 8: pm, only to realize that matatus and motorcycles in that area do not work past 7:30 pm, we were stuck! After 20 minutes with no sign of ever getting to the bus in time and almost giving up, and several failed attempts to stop the personal cars, an old pickup decided to stop and take us to the nearest shopping Center. The cold at the back of the pickup and the motorcycle ride at night is a story for another day.

Do have a splendid weekend, see you soon on the next post and keep up with our updates on Instagram and Facebook 

Location: Mvuli House-Nairobi West

Makeup by  Zequeen Beauty

Photography by Zequeen Photography ( Wrest  and James)

sunglasses – Adams market


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