How to have the best coastal experience

How To Get The Best Coastal experience

Mombasa experience 1

It’s been a while, but what’s important is that I am here right? Wow!!!!! Where do I begin? I had an amazing time with my colleagues last week at the coastal area, I guess my organization is the coolest ♥ ,for them to close up the office and take us all to the calm waters to go and bond and on top have fun is something worth mentioning, I have been to the coast many times, but this one was epic, part of it is that most of the time my colleagues are uptight, or is it with everyone who wears suits?and this was an opportunity to embrace the new environment and give it their all. The videos and pics from my camera during the whole event are so hilarious wish I could share but…. you know am trying to be ethical 🙂  this was the most awe inspiring place.

I could sit on the beach all day and just gaze at the beautiful clear waters and let the breeze  sweep along my skin  And for those who feel stressed you don’t need  a stress ball to squeeze when you have the powder white sand to let fall through your fingers. 

My view, oh my, I could view both the ocean and the pool all at once.The Hotel has direct access to the beautiful white sandy beach and a great garden .

The Pool was  outrageous , kept very clean. The hotel is a very family oriented one I could recommend for family or staff team building, though some of their bathrooms have issues with leaking, but all that was covered with amazing  food!! ha! you gotta try their mayonnaise with roasted potatoes and vegetable salad, and gash it down with some freshly squeezed orange juice, but be ready to embrace the aftermath (huge pimples but thank God for honey!)

Our instructor  was the best, we had gone for a team building and exercise was a must! Jogging along the coastline, made exercise beautiful, with our bare feet rubbing the powdery sand, makes  the moment worth reminiscing. The game that I loved most was ” mingle mingle” There was no difference between the CEO and any other staff, we all mingled in two’s four’s name it, so you can imagine how guys grabbed each other to avoid being disqualified,and as always you can’t compete with a man who has strength.

I know you are wondering which hotel is this but suspense is good….

I guess that’s enough for today, let’s meet on the next post

Cherry Love ♥♥


The hotel has direct access to the beautiful white sandy beach.




I have really added some pounds…. that’s for another day…


The secret to having a soft glowing skin is to head to the coast and ensure you wash your face with the salty water 🙂 

I didn’t use any foundation here, just shea butter with sunscreen and finishing the look with a sleek powder and not forgetting the red wine lipstick from Pauline cosmetics

Soon my friend Naomi will be showing us beauty tips on the blog….

SAM_1467 SAM_1506

Yes I am  a foodie


In the evening when the ocean is calm



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